Wast Sussex Ploughing Match Society
Wast Sussex Ploughing Match Society
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The East Sussex Ploughing Match Society

President: Mr. M. B. Parrett
Chairman: Mr. J. G. Braiden
Ploughing Secretary &Treasurer: Mrs. J. Butler
01424 882930
Secretary: P. Croft
croftjpcroft@ aol.com
w. Eldridge, C. J. Fryer, R. C. Glover, D. Etches
P. Hayes, R. K. Hedger,
J. Hobden, D. Linch
G. Long, A. Pilcher, Miss
J. Rogers
Mrs. A. Saunters, Miss C. Saunters, H. Sheffield
T. C. Tidmarsh, B. Young, C. Young
Representatives to the Sussex Ploughing Association:
C. Fryer, B. Young, R. Glover, C. Young
Ladies' Section:
Secretary: Miss C. Saunters
Ladies' Section Committee:
Mesdames: S. Gribble, J. Rogers, L. Fryer,
A. Saunters,
J. Smith, M. Eldridge, R. Hobden